Period Aid Project

Period Aid Project is a not-for-profit mission to collect and distribute free sanitary items to as many women in need as they can.

Period Aid Project

Sanitary items are a necessity for every women and girl at some stage in their life, but sadly some women and young girls don’t have access to this basic need that so many of us take for granted.

What can you do?: Help by donating sanitary products directly or at one of the collection boxes found in participating Autobahn stores.

Period Aid Project aims to:

  • Share the awareness of Period Poverty and for the need for help with collection of sanitary items for young girls and women in need in Western Australia.
  • Provides collection boxes for donated sanitary items throughout the Perth metropolitan area, including participating Autobahn Mechanical and Electrical stores and participating businesses.
  • Distributes the donated sanitary items to women and young girls in need via the Heart of Love Foundation partners and charities.

The Heart of Love Foundation is a not-for-profit service organisation that focuses on three pillars of service, namely, Healthcare, Educare and Sociocare. Every project our volunteers are involved in is conducted via the not-for-profit organisations (affiliates) and we have established with Heart of Love. The Heart of Love Foundation aims to become a beacon of light for humanity, to demonstrate through our core values and activities that loving all and serving all is at the heart of a society in evolution. Those committed to the philosophy of the Heart of Love Foundation have a profound respect for all faiths, races, cultures, peoples and countries, recognising that it is unconditional Love that binds us all as one.

If you would like to know more about Period Aid Project or to be involved, please contact Julie or Kerry via:

Facebook: Period Aid Project in support of heart of love.

Thankfully, awareness is growing:

  • 2021- Isobel Marshall was just named Young Australian of the Year for tackling Period Poverty.
  • 2021- SA announced it would provide free sanitary products to all female students from year 5 above.
  • 2020- Queensland government through Share the Dignity supplied One regional school with a sanitary product dispensing machine.
  • 2019- Victoria, joined a handful of governments, including Scotland, by supplying public schools with free tampons and pads, as global awareness on “period Poverty” surges.

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