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Diesel Service & Repairs in Perth

Diesel Service, Diagnosis and Repair

Diesel servicing, diagnosis and repair.

Diesel Service

At AutoBahn our technicians are well versed with modern diesel systems including common rail systems. We fully understand this technology and what is required to keep these cars, SUV’s and 4WD’s performing well for the long term.

Poor or irregular diesel servicing is the most common cause of modern diesel vehicle breakdown or failure.

Preventing relatively small diesel problems from becoming large $$$$ ones, be aware of early warning signs such as:

  • Tell-tail warning light illuminated on the dash
  • Blowing excessive amounts of smoke from the exhaust (noticed in the rear view mirror or by a friend)
  • Lacking power
  • Engine stalling for no reason
  • Abnormal engine noises

Autobahn available Diesel Services and Repairs

Please choose one or more of these services when booking online.

  1. Comprehensive maintenance service including diesel oil change and filter(s)
  2. Induction system cleaning
  3. Injection system cleaning
  4. DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) chemical/regeneration
  5. DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) diagnosis and replacement
  6. Installation of diesel water separator kits

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Diesel servicing, diagnosis and repair


Please specify which diesel services you require when booking online.

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Diesel Service

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