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If your vehicle requires an emergency service or repair, please contact your local Autobahn store.

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Need to book earlier or need an urgent service/repair? We can often accommodate, you will just need to contact us directly in store. Please click HERE to find contact details.

Did you know that your local Autobahn service centre will assess your car battery and charging system operation for FREE!

If your car has a battery over three years old and you’re experiencing starting issues have one of our trained technicians assess your battery. At Autobahn, we carry a range of quality car batteries and if we don’t have one to suit we’ll get one..

Car battery health and tips

A cold, frosty winter morning is when you’re most likely to be left stranded with a flat or failed car battery. In fact, battery jump starts and flat or failed batteries are one top causes of vehicle breakdown – and during winter these increase substantially.
At colder temperatures, a battery’s ability to provide enough power to start and run a vehicle is reduced due to a car batteries properties. However, there are some things you can do to reduce your chances of a flat battery.

Corroded terminals and acid leakage

Basics to reduce stress on car batteries:

  • Where possible avoid parking your car overnight in the elements, particularly if the temperature drops and frosts are expected, if you can stow the vehicle under cover or in a enclosed garage, it can reduce stress on the battery.
  • Clean the top of the battery with a rag to keep it free of build-up of which discharges the battery – dispose of the rag once used
  • Keep the battery in a good state of charge – if the car is not driven often consider purchasing a suitable charger to match the battery
  • Make sure your the terminals of the battery are clean – done during car servicing

Autobahn recommends your car battery and charging system should be checked every scheduled service, and, where a battery is over three years old and experiencing signs of performance shortfall, or, showing signs of deterioration/acid leakage should be replaced with a new battery that meets or exceeds manufacturer specification.

Drop into any Autobahn service centre and one of our technicians will assess your car battery and check the charging system. All free of charge.
At Autobahn, we carry a range of quality car batteries and if we don’t have one to suit we’ll get one..