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If your vehicle requires an emergency service or repair, please contact your local Autobahn store.

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Autobahn’s Commitment to the Environment

Environmental Policy

An increasing concern for the environment by both business and consumers in recent years has seen a general shift in the attitudes and management practices in the automotive industry. A growing number of automotive businesses are now managing the environmental aspects of their operations to a standard never previously seen in Australia.

Autobahn Mechanical & Electrical Services are committed to improving the environmental sustainability of their group operations.

Autobahn – Caring for the Future of our Environment!

Autobahn’s Environmental Policy

Autobahn Mechanical & Electrical Services recognize the value in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for the benefit and enjoyment of both present and future generations. As such, we aim to ensure that our environmental practices are of the same high standard as our overall customer service and mechanical workmanship.

Autobahn seeks to provide leadership to the WA automotive industry through our commitment to industry best practice in environmental management. The group aims to demonstrate a proactive and responsible approach to environmental
sustainability through the following activities:

  • Ensuring that all aspects of our business activities are carried out in accordance with all relevant environmental legislation;
  • Identifying, and where possible, implementing initiatives that reflect
    current industry best practice;
  • Reducing waste to landfill by adopting appropriate resource recovery and recycling activities;
  • Eliminating potential environmental risks through safe liquid storage and containment practices, and the use of emergency spill control equipment;
  • Using environmentally preferred products wherever possible and/or practical;
  • Regularly monitoring and reviewing our environmental management practices with a view to continual improvement; and
  • Openly communicating our environmental commitment to all customers, staff, suppliers and other interested parties.


This policy and its associated responsibilities have been accepted by the owner and staff of Autobahn Mechanical & Electrical Services Franchise Outlet.

For more information please contact us at info@autobahn.net.au regarding our environmental policy.