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Did you know that your local Autobahn service centre can assess and adjust your cars wheel alignment!

A maintained wheel alignment will save you money and help prevent the need to replace expensive tyres prematurely.. At Autobahn, our professional technicians will wheel align your car and have you back on the road..

Severely worn tyre.

Worn tyre from misalignment.

Wheel alignment is an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance that involves adjusting the angles of the wheels to ensure they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground – a maintained wheel alignment will save you money and help prevent the need to replace expensive tyres prematurely. Proper wheel alignment is crucial for optimal handling, Tyre longevity, and overall vehicle safety. While specific procedures may vary depending on the vehicle, the following information generally applies to modern Australian vehicles.

Common Tell-Tale Signs of Poor Wheel Alignment:

  1. Vehicle Pulling: If your vehicle tends to pull or drift to one side when you’re driving on a straight, level road, it could indicate an alignment issue. This pulling sensation is often more noticeable when you release the steering wheel momentarily.
  2. Uneven Tyre Wear: Misaligned wheels can cause uneven Tyre wear. Inspect your Tyres regularly and look for signs of excessive wear on one side or the other. Examples include excessive wear on the inner or outer edges, feathering (tread wearing in a sawtooth pattern), or cupping (uneven dips or scalloping on the tread).
  3. Crooked Steering Wheel: While driving straight, the steering wheel should be centered. If you notice that the steering wheel is off-center or crooked when driving in a straight line, it suggests a wheel alignment problem.
  4. Vibrations or Steering Wheel Shimmy: Improper wheel alignment can cause vibrations or a shaking sensation in the steering wheel, particularly at higher speeds. This issue is often accompanied by an unbalanced Tyre (Wheel Balancing – our featured article next month) or other suspension problems, so it’s essential to have it inspected.
  5. Drifting or Poor Handling: If your vehicle feels unstable, wanders, or requires constant steering corrections, it might be a result of misaligned wheels. Proper alignment ensures that the vehicle tracks straight and responds predictably to steering inputs.
  6. Abnormal Tyre Noise: Wheel misalignment can lead to Tyres squealing or producing unusual noises while driving, especially during turns. These noises might indicate uneven contact between the Tyres and the road surface due to improper alignment.

It’s worth noting that the symptoms mentioned above can also be caused by other issues such as worn suspension components, improper Tyre inflation, or unbalanced wheels (Wheel Balancing – our featured article next month). Therefore, it is recommended to have a professional Autobahn technician inspect your vehicle to determine the exact cause of the problem and perform the necessary wheel alignment adjustments if needed. Regular wheel alignment checks, typically as part of routine maintenance, help prevent premature Tyre wear, ensure optimal handling, and maximize the lifespan of your Tyres.

Drop into any Autobahn service centre and one of our technicians will assess your cars wheel alignment.