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If your vehicle requires an emergency service or repair, please contact your local Autobahn store.

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Need to book earlier or need an urgent service/repair? We can often accommodate, you will just need to contact us directly in store. Please click HERE to find contact details.

Drop into any Autobahn service centre and one of our technicians can advise you on BEV servicing and maintenance.

Autobahn recommends and uses Castrol Oils and Ryco filters that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications..

Similarities between servicing an electric (BEV – Battery electric vehicle) and a non-electric (ICE – Internal combustion engine) car

They might be different in size or specification, but there are still plenty of shared parts between an BEV and an ICE vehicle that need scheduled servicing.

These include:

  • Regular annual or mileage-based electrical diagnostics that check the vehicle system’s health, be it BEV or ICE vehicles.
  • Cooling systems that require fans and fluids can require top-up and maintenance.
  • 12-volt car battery that powers systems like central locking, in-car climate control and multimedia systems among other items.
  • Brake pads, discs, calipers, brake fluid and other related items that are expendable over time and distance travelled, meaning that these too need routine check-ups and maintenance.
  • Windscreen glass, wiper arms, wiper blades, wiper fluids and related rubbers degrade or disappear over time, so these also fall under regular servicing.
  • Safety systems need to be monitored, from the stability and traction control software and hardware, through to the airbags, since sensors can fail.
  • Air filters for the car’s cabin require replacement to help keep the air clean inside, especially in higher-end vehicles that have specialised equipment to screen out airborne toxins.
  • Suspension components are a big-ticket item shared by BEVs and ICE vehicles. Whether we’re talking about constant velocity joints, shock absorbers, springs, tie rod ends, ball joints and other suspension items, they do wear out, or require new parts to stay in tip-top condition. Maybe not initially, but certainly within five or so years of driving for some items.
  • Tyres wear over distance and can also harden over time, so need to be rotated, wheel aligned and swapped around or replaced with regularity. And of course, all cars still need to have the correct air pressures in their tyres.

An Autobahn professional technician can advise you on the correct service procedures and maintenance schedule for your car.