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Did you know that your local Autobahn service centre can perform headlight restoration!

When headlight lenses are expose to prolonged sunlight and environmental elements headlights can become cloudy or dull and brightness impaired. Have one of our trained technicians assess your cars headlight lens condition. At Autobahn, we perform headlight restoration..

Dull and stained headlight lenses from prolonged exposure to sunlight or even bore water stains..

Yes, it is possible to repair faded headlights on some cars. Faded headlights are a common issue caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors. Over time, the plastic lens covering the headlight can become cloudy or yellowed, reducing the brightness and effectiveness of the headlights.

There are several methods available to repair faded headlights:

  1. Headlight restoration kits: These kits typically include abrasive pads or sandpaper, polishing compound, and a sealant. The process involves sanding away the damaged layer of the headlight lens, polishing it to remove scratches and haze, and then applying a protective sealant. These kits can be purchased from automotive stores.
  2. DIY methods: Some DIY methods involve using household items like toothpaste, baking soda, or vinegar to clean and polish the headlight lens. These methods can be effective for very mild cases of fading, but normally do not produce long-lasting results.
  3. Professional restoration: If the fading is severe or the DIY methods do not yield satisfactory results, you can take your car to a local Autobahn centre for headlight restoration service. Autobahn has the expertise to restore the headlights to their original condition.


It’s important to note that while headlight restoration can improve the appearance and brightness of faded headlights, it may not be a permanent solution. In some cases, if the damage is extensive, it might be more cost-effective to replace the entire headlight assembly. Your Autobahn service advisor will be happy to discuss option for your car.

Regardless of the method chosen, it is crucial to ensure that the headlights are functioning properly and meet the legal requirements for visibility and brightness as specified by Australian road safety regulations.

Drop into any Autobahn service centre and one of our technicians will assess your cars headlights for restoration.